[tig] call for Tweaker, Lifetime Achievement nominations

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Apr 2 15:37:55 BST 2004

Request herewith further nominations for the Tweaker and LA
Awards for 2004.  Send to the list or to me personally.  I
did once have a voting-polling page up at tig.colorist.org
but with an uprgrade to the twiki installation the voting
stopped working, so we can do it via email.  

nominations so far for 2004:

David Tosh

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Peter Swinson
Neil Feldman

the background behind the awards are thus, as written about
in the TIG many times over the last 10 years but repeated
here for those who may be new to the concept:

(the immediately following is from Donna originally and can
be amended to include the winners for 2003, who were Dwaine
Maggart for the Tweaker, and Neil Kempt for the LA):

SUBJECT:  The Tweaker & LifeTime Achievement Awards

The Tweaker award was created to recognize an industry peer
who has , over the past year, exhibited leadership...
concern for the industry... and a willingness to go above
and beyond for the benefit of the telecine community.
Previous winners are:  Rob Lingelbach, Paul Grace, Dave
Corbitt, Stuart Hunt & Chris Bacon (CO-recipients), Carl Van
Camp and Rich Torpey.

The LifeTime Achievement award was created last year to
honor an individual who has, throughout his career,
demonstrated outstanding achievement and contributed
significantly to the betterment of the telecine industry.
Mike Waldie was bestowed this award during NAB '01.

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