[tig] White balancing, DVDs

Michael Aranyshev aranysh
Fri Apr 2 15:50:47 BST 2004

Well, they have Three Act Structure in Drama too but the action flows 
continuously from the beginning to the end.

Many cheap stereos have three-band equalizers.

Schnauzers come in three flavors: Zverg, Mittel and Riesen. This one is 
probably a coincidence.

On Apr 2, 2004, at 5:49 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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> On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 08:04:07PM -0800, Marc Wielage wrote:
>> And sometimes, if you make the blacks precisely black and the whites
>> precisely white, it may adversely affect the mid-tones.
> don?t colorists all know what you mean, and particularly
> different for the various film stocks.
> I have been shot down many times for bringing up
> semantics-engineering subjects on the TIG over the years
> (amber vs. yellow; lights from airplanes; etc. etc.) :] but
> can?t help in this case wonder why is the response of a
> signal divided into three ranges of black, white, and
> midrange, when we could easily have many more?   I wonder if
> the midtone range came into being as a somewhat mistaken
> translation of what the term "gamma" means, where instead
> gamma is a curve, and not a specific area of response?  It
> makes more sense to think of the black through white balance
> of a picture in dynamic (free from artificial division)
> terms rather than trying to refer to three distinct ranges,
> where there really is no distinction.
> This is more a semantic point than an engineering one, as
> most of us would probably agree on the engineering
> background of gamma as a function, rather than as a
> distinction.
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