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 From Quantel's website - http://www.quantel.com/domisphere/infopool.nsf/html/E0553B32DD1350E880256E6900317B17

Hands-free optical control to revolutionise post.
Quantel boffins do it again Newbury, UK, 01 April 2004 : After five years dedicated research into the subject, Quantel is proud to unveil the results of its Project Hands-Free program - a wholly optically-driven iQ. No more will artists be slave to the tyranny of the pen/tablet/keyboard/mouse interface - a paradigm that originated with Douglas Engelbart as far back as the 1960s. Now, with the EyeEyeQ, they can truly take control of their machines and drive them in a purely 21st century manner. The technology behind it is simple, the implementation simply breathtaking. Two cameras specially developed for the facial motion capture market are placed either side of a monitor and calibrated specifically to the operator's face in a five-minute process. Once in position and slaved to the version2 for generationQ software, that means the operator can literally move files around in the blink of an eye. Left mouse click? Blink with your left eye. Right mouse click? Blink with the right eye. Shuttle back and forth in a sequence? Just roll your eyes round clockwise or anti-clockwise. It's that simple.Using the EyeEyeQ, operators can now be fully productive at the same time as performing such essential background i/o tasks as eating sushi or drinking tall skinny lattes. Using further modules currently under development, nose twitching, brow wrinkiling, ear wiggling and all manner of facial tics and mannerisms will be added to the interface, essentially making an operator's entire face into one big control surface."The EyeEyeQ is fantastic for use in DI projects," comments Digital Praxis' Steve Shaw, who helped develop the unit. "I've just finished work on a two-hour movie, and I managed to knit two jumpers and an entire scarf while the DI process was going on."For more details on the EyeEyeQ, mail april1st at quantel.com 

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