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Mellissa mmanzagol
Sat Apr 3 02:06:38 BST 2004

A few years back several of this gang met at one of the bars in the 
Hilton attached to the convention center.  It was fun.
If memory serves me right, there was a second group at the same time at 
another bar in the Hilton.
Perhaps we could nail down one of these locations and come up with a 
time to meet?  It will never accommodate all of us of course, maybe a 
few different time blocks so folks can just come by?  Seems best to go 
with a walking distance from the floor location otherwise less are 
likely to show.
I'll be in town Tuesday and Wednesday night and will stop by the bar 
you'd pass by going to bet on races/games that is in the casino area.  
Unless, that is, someone comes up with a better plan.

See you there!!!

Mellissa Manzagol
University of Southern California
School of Cinema-Television
Telecine Department
Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts
3131 S. Figueroa
Los Angeles California USA

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> Couldn?t we organize an informal gathering this year --just
> a place to meet at a certain time kind of thing?
> -- 
> Rob Lingelbach  colorist
> tig founder, coadmin
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