[tig] Film is not WYSIWYG

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Sat Apr 3 10:53:06 BST 2004

Not sure if this has been coverd by others, anyway here goes.

We live in a world of computing where digits, in many peoples minds

Likewise HD and Digital are spoken of in the same breath. Therefore
HD "must be best"

HOWEVER while I agree that RGB 10 bit 1920 x 1080 24Psf HD is
"perfect" it is only perfect within its technical limits. In other
words the quality matches the theory. It is WYSIWYG.

Now film is another matter, while,  on the Film screen the image is
probably not even WYSIWYG relative to the print as the projector
probably knocks the corners off  and what you see on TV in SD and
even HD is not WYSIWYG relative to the original  as the source is
probably  an IP and the TK is never perfect.

The only real WYSIWYG is the original camera negative, and the only
way to approixmate this is by, at least  4K scans, and today nothing
to view it on.

So should film quality be referrd to as What You Get Is What You
Shot  ( WYGIWYS)

or What You Get Is What You Can See In The Future (WYGIWYCSITF)

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