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Craig Leffel craig
Tue Apr 6 17:04:50 BST 2004

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Subject: Syncing from Audio CD

Hello everyone -

I have a sync question.... and we're in a bit of a hurry. We've just gotten
some dailies from London, and the production audio - from what the
production company says - is on audio CD. As we don't deal with sync audio
from CD very often, I could use a suggestion or 2 as to what to do. We've
tried a number of things, and all are slipping out of sync. There are hardly
any claps, and manual sync is going - not so well. So, can someone drop me a
note and just fill me in what the intent of such an element is? Can you drop
such a thing into Indaw, or some Aaton product and insta-sync? It looks like
a straight wav file to me with nothing embedded, but not sure.

Better yet, if a manufacturer is listening,

try calling us at;



Thanks much -

Craig Leffel

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