FW: [tig] White balancing, DVDs

Sebastian Sylwan liste
Tue Apr 6 18:52:12 BST 2004

At 19.15 06/04/2004, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>thanks to Laurence Claydon for supporting the TIG.
>On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 10:29:07AM +0100, Laurence Claydon wrote:
> > Talking of using your eyes to (heavan forbid!) grade with,
> > does anybody else wake up in the morning with a slightly
> > blue bias in one eye and a slightly red bias in the other-
> > and it swaps over!
>I don?t know anyone personally with that problem but I have
>heard that sometimes it affects people who wake up in the
>afternoon.  (BRR analysis for swinsonian artifacts confirms this)

I did notice this, even though my bias was amber on one eye and green-ish 
on the other.
I though i did post it on the TIG but maybe i only thought of doing so.
When i noticed that i was getting up at around 5:40 am every morning.
Maybe that was why ;?)



> > Is this an interesting phenomenon for
> > discussion on the TIG or do I need my head recalibrating?
>I seem to remember a thread in this spirit this many years
>ago, will try to ferret it out, though where it ranks in the
>archives may damage our ability to see reality.
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