[tig] Fw: Syncing from Audio CD

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Tue Apr 6 22:23:00 BST 2004

If the files are WAV or BWF then InDaw is the tool to use. With regard to
sync slip, this needs a little more explanation.

Are these dailies 625 or 525? HD? Could be that if the tapes are 525 then
the audio needs slowdown by .1%?

The CD may not have come from an InDaw workstation as most of the new
non-linear devices can copy to CD (or DVD) for the dailies house or Avid
etc. to sync. It may be possible to determine which location recorder made
the CD if you can describe to me its directory structure.

You can only use InstaSync if there is code on the film.

Jeff (Probably the heaviest user of InDaw on the planet) Booth
You've read my discaimer before, so I won't bore you all with it again.

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Hello everyone -

I have a sync question.... and we're in a bit of a hurry. We've just gotten
some dailies from London, and the production audio - from what the
production company says - is on audio CD. As we don't deal with sync audio
from CD very often, I could use a suggestion or 2 as to what to do. We've
tried a number of things, and all are slipping out of sync. There are hardly
any claps, and manual sync is going - not so well. So, can someone drop me a
note and just fill me in what the intent of such an element is? Can you drop
such a thing into Indaw, or some Aaton product and insta-sync? It looks like
a straight wav file to me with nothing embedded, but not sure.

Better yet, if a manufacturer is listening,

try calling us at;



Thanks much -

Craig Leffel

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