[tig] Syncing from Audio CD

Knox McCormac knox
Tue Apr 6 23:43:47 BST 2004

Hey Guys,

I have had my hands on this a little more today than Craig has. So here 
is what I know which is not much more.

The original recording device at the shoot was a laptop. I was told 
that the audio was recorded directly to the laptop into a wav file.  
The person I was talking to had no idea what software the sound company 
was using or if there was any external hardware involved. So there are 
no original field DAT's or anything with a timing reference. The wav 
files were then copied to a CD and sent to us.

As far as I am aware the InDaw system is not used in the field to 
record original sound. It is instead used to process sound from DAT 
etc. to facilitate faster syncing either in transfer or post transfer. 
However they could have been using the Aaton Cantar-X which was 
mistaken for a laptop but I don't think so.

We have tried many of the suggestions presented here but the closest we 
could come was about 8 frames off after 3 minutes. The subject matter 
does not lend itself to check sync often. The talents mouth is far away 
and partially covered by a logo in the window or some other object most 
of the time.

At this time it looks like we are going to have to nail a creative cut 
with the sync as close as possible. When the final os done we will 
break out the digital razor and go to work.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions posted.


On Apr 6, 2004, at 4:30 PM, tom rovak wrote:

> thanks to Laurence Claydon for supporting the TIG.
> --
> Craig
> Sounds like they shot with the AATON internal TC system.
> I believe AATON has a system that the production DAT's are put on CD 
> and
> then when sync points are entered in their software the CD will
> automatically sync with the film via the telecine bi-phase. I believe 
> the
> film has to be shot with an AATON camera with TC to do this. And of 
> course
> the AATON film data hardware, and software must be purchased.  Not 
> something
> you can set-up overnight. Don't know what you do (other than eye sync) 
> if
> you are asked to sync something like this without the whole AATON 
> set-up. I
> think Bob Sliga has the AATON set-up.
> tr
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