[tig] Fun Night update!

Michael Orton mike
Wed Apr 7 18:48:33 BST 2004

I'd like to nominate Neil Feldman for the "Doesnt Want an Award" award.

This award nomination doesn't need seconding, and don't bother to vote!

Neil will be on hand to not accept the award, and definitely wont be 
thanking his agent, producer, director, attorney, parents, the 
Academy, all of New Zealand, the writers, the creative team, the TIG, 
John Williams for such a beautiful score, JRR Tolkien, his 
psychiatrist, "Dickie" Attenborough, New LIne Cinema for their 
vision, and Peter Swinson for believing in him when nobody else would.

This will save Neil saying "you know, this award really belongs to 
all the other Tweakers".

I will personally be deciding the winner of the "Doesnt Want an 
Award" award, because I thought of it, and the winner will receive a 
warm, but not too intimate, handshake from me on the evening in 

Thanks Neil!

Mike Orton
Weird Science Inc.
(310) 753-1362


"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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