[tig] Bubble RRE Report

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Thu Apr 8 00:49:55 BST 2004

Bubble Rise Rate Experiments (BRRE)  Report. That quickly goes "Off Topic"

As expected the need for Static BRRE, reported last month, never took off.
However the dynamic BRRE complete with Swig Factors is progressing well. 

As a reminder, the Swig factor is based on the time in seconds to consume
one pint.

The extremes had been established at 2.8 held by Bill Topazio and 498000000
by Neil Kempt, extrapolating to infinity if it is his round.. 

Further reports, yet to be confirmed, indicate a new extreme of 2.01 by
Cintel's Gary Welch, however it is rumoured that Mike Orton has gone into
training to
beat both these times. This must be true, otherwise why would Mike be
bragging about his Mac, if not just to keep the spilt beer off his clothes.

(I know; only the British could have an alternate meaning for Mac). (Have
you got a light Mac; no but I have got a dirty brown overcoat)

I am presuming that both Mike & Bill will, at NAB, fight it out to beat
Gary Welch. As the Swig Factor challenge gets into its later stages the
floor will get ever closer to their eyes.
The point at which they decay into indistinguishable heaps on the floor
will become The Orton & Topazio Event Horizon.      

Having loosely linked to an astronomical term it can now be revealed that
the NASA Mars Color Club has also been indulging in BRRE. Seems that after
overdoing the amber nectar 
NASA decided that their Spirit color cameras should major on taking
Infra-Red, Green & Blue, but be displayed as RGB. And because many objects
that are NOT Red, reflect IR, the
results look weird. Now I am sure that beer, sorry, lager, is highly
reflective in the IR region, else it would warm up too quick. Therefore any
Mars images of lager would look like red dust.
Is his a ploy by NASA to enable denial of Mars surface actually being
covered in Lager let alone water?  OK who was that who just said Lager is
water ?

Now assuming that Mars has lager lakes then the BRRE take on another
aspect, different gravity, different BRR. Not only that but different
atmospheric pressure will result in different size bubbles, 
negating the Swinson vertical bubble size change solution while looking
down the glass. Will the variables never cease. 

Step forward color professionals willing to go to Mars, recalibrate the
color and drink a lake or two all in the cause of BRRE. 

Am I right in thinking that the Mars SPIRIT rover is a modified Thomson
Spirit with tracks. If so it must have taken a Bl**DY big rocket to get it

Finally while still in astronomical mode, on 8th June we are told that
Venus will transit the Sun, visible from most places except the Americas.
Simulations show a small disk slowly moving across the face 
of the Sun. Don't be fooled this is a single celestial bubble flowing
though our side of the Sun. It shows that powers greater than us humble
earthlings are also performing BRRE's.    

Enough of this madness

Peter Swinson  (Getting ready for the NAB madness) 

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