[tig] Bubble RRE Report

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Apr 8 03:09:13 BST 2004

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 07:49:55PM -0400, Peter Swinson wrote:
> As expected the need for Static BRRE, reported last month, never took off.
> However the dynamic BRRE complete with Swig Factors is progressing well. 

when i first proposed the BRR standard, i had thought
instead we would settle on BRRA, or better perhaps BRRAAP,
which would expand to something meaningful, but only
recently came upon Bubble Rise Rate Analysis with Associated
Particles as a possibility, said particles having been
observed in the various brews being consumed by malodorous
engineers at NAB. (observation limited to resolution of
detect apparatus)

> As a reminder, the Swig factor is based on the time in seconds to consume
> one pint.

Swig Factor would be a function of Bent Elbow theory if I?m
not mistaken, and the BRRAAP algorithm might confirm it.
Probably limited to somewhere near terminal rise velocity.
(incidentally did anyone know that a large raindrop?s
terminal velocity on earth is 20 mph?)

> Further reports, yet to be confirmed, indicate a new extreme of 2.01 by
> Cintel's Gary Welch, however it is rumoured that Mike Orton has gone into
> training to
> beat both these times. This must be true, otherwise why would Mike be
> bragging about his Mac, if not just to keep the spilt beer off his clothes.

Mike has had a way of exposing himself in this position with
regards to Macs since the 1980s... why I remember when he
would be consumed with Macpassion while looking for the
electric shaker at Editel to mix his prized Margaritas on

> Now assuming that Mars has lager lakes 

regaling us with tales of lagering lakes now are you.

> negating the Swinson vertical bubble size change solution while looking
> down the glass. Will the variables never cease. 

the bubble size change is definitely your realm Peter and I
don?t think anyone would pretend to best the work you?ve
done in this area.  the emitting noble gases alone have left
most expermenters far in your wake.

> Spirit with tracks. If so it must have taken a Bl**DY big rocket to get it
> there.  

bl**dy big rockets are also your area of expertise Peter.

> Finally while still in astronomical mode, on 8th June we are told that
> Venus will transit the Sun, visible from most places except the Americas.
> Simulations show a small disk slowly moving across the face 
> of the Sun. 

and being in awe of what they generate, most researchers
will be content with watching the simulation, while a small
minority will be after the stimulation of watching the love
planet?s conjunction with Sol.

Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin

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