[tig] Fw: 4K for DI - Unappealing image quality

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Tue Apr 13 00:00:40 BST 2004


I guess you have not seen the Arri "feauturette" demo that was shown on the
JVC/NTT 4K projector at the UK National Film Theatre in 2003. (Also demo'd
elsewhere I believe)
Comparisons were 
35mm  4K direct from neg
65mm  4K direct from neg

The comments I heard were :-
HD, yes looked sharp but no fine detail of grass or subtleness on mountain
shots, not even a hint of noise, very clean.
65mm very sharp lots of subtle detail, but looked too clean, I guess due to
lack of grain magnification.
35mm, looked fantastic, as sharps as the 65mm, lots of subtle detail and
just a hint of grain that gave the image a little something. 

Steve do not confuse grain with noise they are very different.  
Noise in electronic cameras is added on top of the image sampling and
contributes nothing real to the image
Grain is the image and has a somewhat different effect, one of which is to
increase the REAL acutance of the moving image. Have you never noticed that
a still frame never looks as sharp as the same sequence on the move when
shot on film?

I agree that commercially 4K is sometime off in projection. What concerns
me is that you appear to be promoting 2K DI, implying that there is no
point to 4K DI's. This would effectively lead to 2K archive masters.
Possibly livable with today but what about their re-release in 5 or 10
years time?

The vertical printing slip that you imply occurs, and it would only be on
rotary contact printers, should be about zero for an answer print as the
print stock pitch is longer allowing for the greater radius.  

By the way, I am trying to get my mind round 2K masters back to film, we
both like to quote Nyquist, does 2K to film mean only 1K guaranteed on the
film, h'mm I'm thinking about that one.

Steve, Have you got your palm pilot up to displaying 4K movies yet ?


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