[tig] DALSA Demo in Los Angeles this Wednesday

Bill Hogan billhogan1
Tue Apr 13 06:23:41 BST 2004

The following message has been received from Matt Cowan.  He and Loren Nielsen,
principals in Entertainment Technology Consultants, have arranged for the
following demo.  They ask that you send a RSVP email to Terry Hughes.
Mailto:terry at etconsult.com  All the other details are below.  This same footage
will be screening in Las Vegas at NAB.

For some details of the Dalsa camera go here:

By the way Dalsa is the company that makes the sensors in the New Thomson Spirit
4k Data/Telecine Scanner.

Regards, Bill Hogan

Dalsa has recently completed a test shoot using its alpha camera.  The shoot was
done in Montreal and shot simultaneously with Kodak's new 5212 film.  The test
included technical shots to determine latitude, color and motion.  A short movie
was made to test the range of cinematography of indoor and outdoor shots.

Early digital results are out from the shoot, and Dalsa will be displaying them
at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on April 14th for review by the cinematography
and technical communities.  The presentation will be digital, playing 1920x1037
at 4:4:4 from a CineBoxx server into the 2K DLP cinema(tm) projector.  Film will
not be projected at this test.

Data from the Origin camera was captured at 4K x 2K resolution, color corrected
and resized to fit the 2K digital projector.  The images presented will be rough

Date: April 14, 2004
Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
Place: Grauman's Chinese Theatre, 6925 Hollywood Boulevard

Please feel free to invite your colleagues whom might be interested in attending
this demo.

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