[tig] looking for telecine HD

saul at tvi.com.mx saul
Tue Apr 13 17:03:10 BST 2004

hello, im looking for some facility in L.A Cal. for to make a transfer from
 sup 16mm to HDcam at 24psf, this proyect is a longmeter and mabe i need
15 hours for to make the color correction, my client dont have a lot money,
if any body want help to me and help to my client pleace send the information
to my company mail. saul at tvi.com.mx its very important  the price per hour
or pacage, i need make the colorcorrection in the last week of next may
or firts week of june. i have the hd cam tapes and, please send the information
about your telecine room, witch telecine are you using and the color corrector

thanks and best regards
Saul Ramirez.
Senior Colorist
TVI Mex.

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