[tig] Fw: 4K for DI - Unappealing image quality

mhafner at imdb.com mhafner
Tue Apr 13 21:08:59 BST 2004

#Marc Wielage wrote:
#'d also add to your comment that one can always do grain-reduction
#processes after the fact.  For example, in the case of OPEN RANGE, I chose
#to just isolate certain groups of scenes, rather than noise-reduce the
#entire picture, both for the sake of time and also to avoid the risk of

Hm. But wouldn't you agree that any digital grain reduction that actually
is effective in reducing grain leaves a trail of artifacts behind? Not
to the layman's eye, but surely to people who know what to look for?
The picture is not the same as one with just less grain. Some days ago
I went to see "Two Brothers" by Annaud. Within 2 minutes I was thrown
out of the picture because of these artifacts. I had to fight to get
in again and ignore the digital gremlins. I'll take some grain any
day over the artifical look of somewhat less grain plus stochastic noise from
the filters the sum of which does not look like film grain and film anymore.
Michel Hafner

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