[tig] Da Vinci 2k EDLs

Michael Most mmost
Tue Apr 13 21:03:04 BST 2004

On Apr 13, 2004, at 12:19 PM, Jamie Tosi wrote:

> I have a general question to ask the list about the Da Vinci color
> systems and their capability to export color correction information to
> be applied to uncorrected footage later.

DaVinci systems, at least the ones currently in use, are hardware based 
systems. All of the color manipulation is done in hardware, so it isn't 
transportable to anything other than another DaVinci.

> using either a desktop package such as either shake, combustion, avid 
> or
> other system.

Every package has its own algorithms for color correction. There is 
little to no commonality between them, therefore no logical way to 
implement the same visual result in any kind of automated way. There is 
also the question of properly calibrated monitoring to consider.

> Would a CMX 3600 EDL transfer the shot list and color
> information? Are there other Da Vinci color EDL's that are compatible
> with other systems?

An EDL has cut, dissolve, and wipe information. Nothing else. DaVinci 
has talked about introducing a color decision list at NAB that is 
exchangeable with other DaVinci products. Perhaps there will be other 
introductions as well. The only product I know of that "sort of" does 
what you're talking about is Iridas' SpeedGrade, which produces an XML 
file that their Frame Cycler product can use to display the color 
corrections. However, the obvious question is: why do you want to do 
this in the first place? What exactly is the purpose?

Mike Most
VFX Supervisor
IATSE Local 600
Los Angeles

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