[tig] Mastering Grain Reduction (WAS: 4K for DI)

Bill Hogan billhogan1
Wed Apr 14 09:18:26 BST 2004

mhafner at imdb.com wrote:
> I'll check out the 35mm print when it's playing here and report back.
> "Wide Screen Review" reported minor smearing and some 'pixelisation'
> for the DVD. But who knows if additional DNR was applied to the DVD master.

Wide Screen Review is NOT qualified to comment on the quality of a 35 mm master
film element when it comes out on DVD.  MPEG smearing artifacts and some
"pixelisation" present on a DVD are are NOT indicative of any Noise reduction
artifacts present in an Electronic file generated from the DI or from a film
transfer of an Interpositive element usually used for DVD mastering.

I totally agree with Mark Wielage that it is possible to apply Noise reduction
in Non real time that has NO visible artifacts in the final product.  I will say
also that without comparison with the original image even the trained eye cannot
identify grain reduction usage when properly used and designed in either
hardware or software.

I saw "OPEN RANGE" on film and saw NO visible grain reduction artifacts.

Regards, Bill Hogan

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