[tig] Re: Mastering Grain Reduction (WAS: 4K for DI)

mhafner at imdb.com mhafner
Wed Apr 14 09:53:45 BST 2004

*Bill Hogan wrote:
> Wide Screen Review is NOT qualified to comment on the quality of a 35 mm master
> film element when it comes out on DVD.  MPEG smearing artifacts and some
> "pixelisation" present on a DVD are are NOT indicative of any Noise reduction
> artifacts present in an Electronic file generated from the DI or from a film
> transfer of an Interpositive element usually used for DVD mastering.

They did not claim a cause. Just mentioned the presence.
In your professional opinion, what is causing smearing on DVDs (
and HD versions as sold on D-Theater or aired on TV)?
MPEG encoding by its nature removes/rounds high frequency information from
difference images. That leads to blocking, mosquito and other noise, loss of
fine detail and nuances of color and gray scale. But it does not look
like (DNR) smearing in my experience. How does MPEG smear?
Also based on your professional experience, what is causing pixelisation on

> I totally agree with Mark Wielage that it is possible to apply Noise reduction
> in Non real time that has NO visible artifacts in the final product.  I will say
> also that without comparison with the original image even the trained eye cannot
> identify grain reduction usage when properly used and designed in either
> hardware or software.

Interesting. Compared to the original image there would be less grain only,
but nothing else changed? Or would the additional change not look like
an artifact?

> I saw "OPEN RANGE" on film and saw NO visible grain reduction artifacts.

I'm looking forward to check it out.
Michel Hafner

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