[tig] Da Vinci 2k EDLs

Martin Parsons martin-p
Wed Apr 14 12:33:21 BST 2004

Jamie Tosi wrote:
> I have a general question to ask the list about the Da Vinci color
> systems and their capability to export color correction information
> and apply the new color corrections later to the uncorrected source
> using either a desktop package such as either shake, combustion,

This is a tricky one and probably not solvable with EDLs - Possibly the
wider AAF format may help - somewhere (far?) into the future.

As far as applying colour corrections later to the uncorrected source using
a desktop package such as Shake - we've been investigating taking metadata
out of Nucoda's Film Master and making a Shake node from it so that this can
be applied as part of the overall film VFX Shake render later.

It's a bit of a software project but one that is more likely to involve
software based Digital Lab grading solutions rather than hardware based
ones - as Michael Most pointed out.

Theoretically however I suppose you could get the required information out
of one system and into another provided both  systems are 'open' AND
manufacturers are both open and supportive.

DISCLAIMER: I don't work for Nucoda but have a few of their systems here.



       Martin Parsons
 The Moving Picture Company

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