[tig] 3.58

Michael Orton mike
Wed Apr 14 16:41:34 BST 2004

Funny, while staring deep into the patterns, I found myself thinking 
"I'm glad I'm an Alpha baby, Betas are silly and Deltas are morons".

Then FNORD the bell went for dinner, and I FNORD started feeling hungry...

Just another stupid Topazio posting? FNORD Or a cunningly concealed 
attack on the FNORD by now conditioned response of the FNORD American 

I think we should be FNORD, er salivating, I mean told.


PS similar things happen on the fine grating of the SMPTE test chart. 

At 9:23 AM -0400 4/14/04, Bill Topazio wrote:
>thanks to Pat Howley of MTI for supporting the TIG.
>Just another clever diversionary tactic...
>if you're staring at the tie, maybe you won't hear the words...

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