fwd:re: [tig] 4K for DI - Unappealing image quality?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Apr 14 17:24:57 BST 2004

On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 06:43:00AM -0400, Steve Shaw wrote:

> And while I agree grain is technically different to video
> noise, it is still seperate to the image, even though it is
> integral to its makeup. Just look at the 'grain noise' on a
> flat image, such as a test chart. If the grain wasn't there
> the image would be a lot less 'noisy'.

yet perhaps less interesting, from an aesthetic point of
view.  i wonder if grain in a captured and displayed image,
as compared to clean grain-free noise-free video, can be
analogous to the warmth of analog audio versus clean and
crisp (yet to me sometimes brittle) typical consumer digital


Rob Lingelbach  
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