[tig] 3.58

Bob Festa bfesta
Wed Apr 14 17:44:51 BST 2004

>>Greg Dildine wrote:
> > How 'bout that 3.58 on the President's tie last night during his 
> > prime-time news conference?
> Martin Parsons wrote:
> That's why Tony Blair is coming over with his 4.43 cravat - 
> otherwise known as PAL (pull another leg)


You would think that the Republican machine would understand the
benefits of high definition messaging. Or perhaps the quality of the
broadcast was a template for the lack of content in the speech itself.
:) Hold your flames for another venue please.

I watched the speech on my SGI SW1700 display in native 720p after
switching from the HDNET Mavericks NBA game in HD. That was bone jarring
in itself. This little display is great in 720p.


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