[tig] b+w stock question

S. T. Nottingham nottinghams
Wed Apr 14 19:32:29 BST 2004

Not only are the gamma curves different, but the rendition of color as a
component of gray is also somewhat less accurate - not to mention the loss
of sharpness and the increase in grain. My vote is for the Black & White


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thanks to Pat Howley of MTI for supporting the TIG.

A friend is shooting an independent film soon. The plan is
for the finished project to be shown in Black and White. I
know that Color neg can be transfered in monochrome. What
are the advantages/disadvantages to shooting with b&w stock?
The ones that come to mind are: processing difficulty for
b+w-- there seem to me to be variable density problems at
time exhibiting as kind of a puddling effect washing
vertically on the film (in the case of 35mm b+w).

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