[tig] Re: Mastering Grain Reduction (WAS: 4K for DI)

S. T. Nottingham nottinghams
Wed Apr 14 19:32:29 BST 2004

You Know,

CRTs smear, and so do LCD screens. Are we even sure these artifacts are on
the DVD? I suppose that looking at a still frame might yield the answer.


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thanks to Pat Howley of MTI for supporting the TIG.

On Apr 14, 2004, at 1:53 AM, mhafner at imdb.com wrote:

> In your professional opinion, what is causing smearing on DVDs (
> and HD versions as sold on D-Theater or aired on TV)?

Well, you seem to be the only one who's bothered by it or even notices
it exists, if indeed it does exist. Everyone else I know, including
myself and pretty much everyone else I know, all of whom work in the
production/post production industry, thinks DVD's in general look great
and have no really noticeable artifacting in spite of the seriously
heavy compression being used. So point out specific scenes, post
images, do something to back up your case or stop wasting our time with
complaints that are unwarranted. Or, even better, come out to Los
Angeles and spend some time with people and companies who actually do
this for a living and find out how much care is taken and how much
sophisticated technical expertise is applied.

On second thought, it's probably easier to sit back and complain. Sorry
for suggesting otherwise.

Mike Most

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