[tig] Focus Sheet update

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Apr 15 00:28:40 BST 2004

we now have the following manufacturers listed on the

Bright Systems C7822 
San Lab Systems C3504 
OmniTek SU8641 
Discreet SL3547 
Cintel C11506 
ARRI / Digital Systems C9128 
nucoda SL2148 
MTI Film SL3413 
eCinema Systems, Inc. SL2756 
DAV C3504 
Maximum Throughput SL1055 
FilmLight SL3442 
da Vinci Booth C9117 
Black Magic (booth unknown) 

the "focus sheet" was originally supposed to be a sort of
one-sheet guide to the most important new products at the
show for telecine, but now because of the extensive work
involved in trimming down all the marketspeak, it has blown
itself up into several pages.  
Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin

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