[tig] b+w stock question

Mark Harmon markh
Thu Apr 15 03:10:57 BST 2004

Most cine processing Labs mix their own chemicals and for cost
reasons use the cheapest available, especially for Black & White.
I believe that if they used the better quality chemicals from Kodak
they would get better results  i.e.: not as contrasty.

There is often a problem with the sound track in B+W prints.
Apparently the density is insufficient for the sound track in B+W prints
compared to colour prints. So sound quality is a big issue.

One other thing to remember (though its only a small factor)
is that the look of grain is different for images shot on Black & White
as opposed to shot on colour neg.
The grain in B+W is from the remaining silver halide crystals.
For colour neg the grain is from the colour couplers in each layer
as all the silver halide is removed in processing.

Mark Harmon
Animal Logic Film Bureau

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> What are the advantages/disadvantages to shooting with b&w stock?

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