[tig] Re: Mastering Grain Reduction (WAS: 4K for DI)

mhafner at imdb.com mhafner
Fri Apr 16 10:39:37 BST 2004

#Mike Most wrote
$Well, you seem to be the only one who's bothered by it or even notices
$it exists, if indeed it does exist. Everyone else I know, including
$myself and pretty much everyone else I know, all of whom work in the
$production/post production industry, thinks DVD's in general look great
$and have no really noticeable artifacting in spite of the seriously
$heavy compression being used. So point out specific scenes, post
$images, do something to back up your case or stop wasting our time with
$complaints that are unwarranted.

That's a rather unfair comment. If you follow the thread chronologically
you will see I started with an example (the 35mm print of "Two Brothers"
by director Annaud) which nobody responded to (because it's not yet released
in the US yet, I guess). That was followed by the affirmation that good
digital grain reduction as on "Open Range" leaves no artifacts behind and the
"Open Range" DVD, if it had smearing and pixelisation (a Wider Screen Review
claim, not mine) it must be the MPEG encoding. Hence my question about the
origin if smearing and pixelisation on DVDs.
I can't see how this makes me claim all DVDs have problems.
They don't. If you want a HD example on D-Theater with horrible DNR watch
"Big Momma's House". The other tapes I know have no or miminal DNR problems.
A DVD plagued by DNR is "Meet Joe Black". I have heard the D-Theater has
the same problem (have not seen it).
(I can't come to LA. I don't live in the USA)
Michel Hafner

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