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Fri Apr 16 19:22:42 BST 2004

With more production and post taking place in high definition component digital, you still have to keep in mind that most viewers will see a NTSC encoded/decoded image. It's very difficult in this workflow to watch out for those horizontal frequencies that (when down-sampled to NTSC resolution) will fall into the region of subcarrier frequency. Only careful pre-filtering of the luma component can remove the cross-luma problems before encoding. Since we don't use high quality encoders like the Accom, I see really bad color fringing on TV these days. 

I miss the daVinci 358 notch filter!

David Tosh

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From: Robb Cadzow <rcadzow at rioting.com>

3.58? What the heck are they doing using composite video in the first
place. This is after all (don't blame me I didn't vote for him) the
leader of the free world. Where's the Dalsa! 

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