[tig] b+w stock question

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Mon Apr 19 12:13:57 BST 2004

How about bleach bypassing the colour neg and make B&W from that?

Just a wild "try it and see what it looks like" kinda idea


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thanks to Pat Howley of MTI for supporting the TIG.

     I totally agree black and white stock has a completely different grain
structure than color stock.  It is still possible to mimic the panchromatic
grey scale and gammas using color stock.
     The grain itself is a personal choice.  I've had clients who were happy
and some unhappy with the b&w grain and contrast.  I'm not sure that stock
selection should play a major role in editing and composition, but it will
certainly influence the look.  Mono from color stock can easily look smooth
and silky, but to me b&w neg has always graphic and edgy.  Great if you're
going for that look, but in some instances having a wide contrast ratio and
relative smoothness of image might be preferable.
     In any case, most DPs know what they are doing and what to expect from
a given stock.  I for one am totally happy to transfer any piece of film I
can get, and will work to my best ability to help achieve the look the DP
envisions.  But I think there are advantages and disadvantages to b&w neg
and mono from color neg, and what's best will always depend upon the tastes
of the client.

Bob Lovejoy
Color apologist-at-large

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