[tig] RE: b+w stock question

Ken Robinson ken
Mon Apr 19 21:42:17 BST 2004

The closest I ever got.... And it wasn't that close, was to use a single
colour channel down the RGB lines:


1. Ganging  the Red signal down the RGB, will give skin tones a high
luminance value.
2. The Green Signal down the RGB, will give a lower luminance value
3. The blue, will look nice and grainy!

I used to be able to do that through any device that had RGB separate output
cables, and simply T junction them together, or through my old favourite
corrector, Russell Square, which had the software inbuilt to do it.

Otherwise, why do you actually need to bleach bypass, when you can change
the gamma curve and suck colour out, I doubt it would look that different.

BTW, going back to the Sea Biscuit discussion from months ago..... Just
started the DVD yesterday. Story great, DVD image embarrassing to our
industry. What gets me angry is the fact that we all sit on millions of
dollars worth of equipment, working our damndest (whether its to satisfy our
own paranoia, or the client I don't know) to get the best image that we
can..... Then we sit at home and see s#$%t that we have to pay for. I have
even seen one DVD that was so smeared from mpeg compression that the rain
was removed from the movie, and it was shot in a rainy dark environment.

Stepping off now......

Ken Robinson

> How about bleach bypassing the colour neg and make B&W from that?
> Just a wild "try it and see what it looks like" kinda idea
> J

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