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Dick Hobbs dick
Tue Apr 20 20:11:59 BST 2004

In his recent post, Ken said "What gets me angry is the fact that we all sit
on millions of dollars worth of equipment, working our damndest (whether its
to satisfy our own paranoia, or the client I don't know) to get the best
image that we can..... Then we sit at home and see s#$%t that we have to pay

Here at NAB I have heard several times - from intelligent people and from
Sony (yes guys, I am making an English joke) - the suggestion that wedding
videographers will be working in HD soon. This is really going to happen
when HDV products come on stream.

I have already downloaded my copy of Final Cut Pro HD. Never thought I would
see the day when I would have an HD edit suite in my backpack.

The real implication of this is for us poor folks in Europe who have
virtually no broadcast HD. We will get to the state in the very near future
that we will watch a home movie video of someone's kids, then turn on the
BBC's latest multi-million budget drama and see a significant loss of

And yes, I know that HDV (or the DVCPro HD I can now edit) is a long way
from perfect HD. Still better than SD, though.



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