[tig] NAB Events - left out location!

Richard Torpey rtorpey
Wed Apr 21 02:11:24 BST 2004

Hope it's not too late - It seems I left out the location of the second
Telecine event - that event will be held at The Beach (storied location of
past TFNs!) opposite the convention center. 

Rich Torpey

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Hi folks,
It seems we have two TIG events Tuesday evening.
Unofficial listing in chronological order with NAB booth numbers where

Sponsored by (in alphabetical order) - Cintel C11506, da vinci C9117,
Pandora C1545, Thomson SU8076
4/20/04 from 7-10pm at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company 3987 Paradise Road
(Pilsner room)


Sponsored by (in alphabetical order) - Aaton C1843, Amo/1900 Productions,
Ecinema SL2756, Filmlight SL3442, Frontniche, Quantel, San Lab
Systems-C3504, Sprockets Ltd, Telecine Sales, Telecine Services, Trading
Post, Video Post & Transfer.

Admission is by ticket only. Please see your sales rep at the NAB booths for
tickets to the events.

Please note that this very unofficial list is as accurate as I can make it
with no intention to omit or favor any individual or company.

Best wishes to all and I look forward to seeing you all at NAB!

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