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Hello crew,

I'm hoping someone out there (including a Sony person) might have some 
insight into this recent discovery:

In the course of helping a client with a problem of audio and video 
going out of sync on some dubs, we found that the Sony J3 DigiBeta (the 
budget all-format player) appears to have a one-field delay in video vs. 
embedded audio from the SDI output.  That is, if you play a tape with 
perfect lip-sync, the embedded audio will be one field ahead of SDI 
video (and timecode).  We proved this by making a series of successive 
clones between the J3 and a DVW-500, then comparing the seventh 
generation clone with the original.  The audio was 3.5 frames ahead! 
There was no other equipment in the path.

Is this just a function of the low-rent J3?  We have not yet done the 
same test with two DVWs, but I would be shocked to find the same result! 
  I also don't yet know how AES or analog audio fares, rather than embedded.

Opinions or experiences???  Will NAB delay the responses?


-- Eric Wenocur
Lab Tech Systems

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