[tig] congrats Bob F

Michael Orton mike
Sun Apr 25 20:08:35 BST 2004

Hi guys,

I have to agree with this! I've sat in Bob's sessions, and he is 
truly poetry in motion, seeming almost effortlessly to juggle the 
picture, the clients, jokes, catchup with the director, and funny 
stories, all the while moving the process forward in a smooth and 
efficient manner.

I wouldnt want to negotiate salaries with him tho'. I hear he is a 
master of that as well....

Congrats Bob!

Mike Orton

At 6:36 AM -0700 4/24/04, sklein54 at earthlink.net wrote:
>Congratulations to Bob Festa on his "Best Commercial Colorist" award 
>at NAB this year. Bob's pictures over the years speak for 
>themselves. What doesn't get down on tape is his mastery of the 
>suite environment. He owns the original blueprints for an elegant 
>command of the room and has set the bar for so many of us.

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