[tig] Thank you to everyone

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Mon Apr 26 00:57:33 BST 2004

I would like to thank everyone associated with the TIG for the Lifetime
Achievement Award you bestowed on me at the Telecine Fun Night at the

I have just surfaced from NAB and have vague memories of doing silly
things, as usual.  I just put it down to a consequence of the alcohol in
the  Bubble Rise Rate Experiments (BRRE).

The silver dish you presented me with does not seem to have a wall mount or
LNB, however I am sure that once set up it will receive all satellitte
channels with ease and I must say that the bottle of Jack Daniels appears
to be a tad stronger than the lager that I am used to  !

Seriously though, I feel very honored to receive such an award from an
industry that combines Art with Engineering so well.

I hope the term "life time" is a loose interpretation as I hope to carry on
with the quest for the best images within economical means. 

It was good to see so many at The Beach, especially considering how minimal
was the time to organise the "bash". 

As for the NAB show, it's encouraging to hear the term 4K as well as 2K,
and equally  impressive to see products from those who so regularily
contribute, as individuals, to the TIG.   

Once again thanks for the Booze & Bowl and now, on with the scans.

Peter Swinson  

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