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Dick Hobbs dick
Mon Apr 26 11:11:11 BST 2004

In a posting from NAB last week I said that HDV was better than SD, and
Michael Most immediately picked up on me, referring to the JVC booth

I had not seen the demonstration at the time, but I have to agree with him:
it was dreadful. Having vox pops of people saying "they can't believe my
movie is not 35mm" when there looks to be about two bits between the burnt
out whites and the impenetrable blacks was really a joke.

The only way to see the demonstration clips, though, was on a single plasma
display above the stage, and I wonder if that was contributing some of the
disappointing results. The previous HDV demonstrations I have seen have been
rather better than that.

And just so that my friends at JVC do not get angry with me, did anyone go
into the demonstration to see their new projector? Native 1920 x 1080 D-ILA.
Only 600 ANSI lumens, but in the dark theatre it was plenty bright enough,
and I thought the picture looked pretty good - the praying mantis was
seriously scary. $30k including a Faroudja box to accept other formats.



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