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Tue Apr 20 04:49:52 BST 2004

Rob wrote:
<<A friend is shooting an independent film soon. The
plan is for the finished project to be shown in Black
and White. I know that Color neg can be transfered in
monochrome. What are the advantages/disadvantages to
shooting with b&w stock? The ones that come to mind
are: processing difficulty for b+w-- there seem to me
to be variable density problems at time exhibiting as
kind of a puddling effect washing vertically on the
film (in the case of 35mm b+w).>>

Hi Rob
I always tell my clients that it is better to shoot
color neg. for black and white transfer but if the
DIR/DP has more experience shooting B&W it is good
I prefer color neg because I get lot more tonal range
when converting to B& W. 
Different color parts of the image will look better in
different channels, because red objects are white in
the red channel, green objects are white in the green
channel and blue objects are white in the blue
For example if the red flower is to dark, well with
color neg. you can mix back some green with red
channel to recover details. If the sky has clouds at
the time of the shoot, with  B&W stock you will need a
color filter like red/yellow to show good separation,
well with color neg. you will have the luxury to
filter it in telecine in small increments and with a
lot more precision. 
Their is a couple thing to worry about: 
First the orange mask suppression, even on the Spirit
but a little more on the C-reality because if you
suppress the "orange mask" off yellow opposite to blue
 you can easily get noise in the blue channel when you
apply contrast.
Second don't let anybody convert color neg. to B&W
with a straight desaturation techniques instead of
more advance B&W  manipulations
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