[tig] RE: This is very grey to me...

Slanzi Christian cslanzi
Thu Apr 29 16:34:05 BST 2004

Yeah, I'm working (as an academic research) on film restoration of faded
color movies using an algorithm that simulates the human vision system.

Results are very interesting. 

Slanzi Christian
GIC - Graphics, Imaging and Colour research group
Wiener - computer graphics lab
Polo Didattico e di Ricerca di Crema
University of Milan

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> I personally think that is not an illusion but reality
> or both. These kind of illusion happen all the time in
> telecine and everybody seem to see the same thing. We
> all see colors/contrast of multiples objects as part
> of the environment but today color devices can only
> see color/contrast of one object/pixel at the time.
> There is a lot of research out there for smarter and
> faster color software/hardware to see color/contrast
> like the human eyes but we will need better/faster
> CPU.
> Jais @ bobine ( pronounce Bo Been)

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