[tig] A heartfelt thanks

Bob Festa bfesta
Thu Apr 29 22:03:06 BST 2004


I wanted to follow Peter Swinsons gracious lead and give a thank you to
daVinci for this years Commercial Colorist of the Year Award. I have
received a great deal of mail from many giving an acknowledgement of the
award. If I haven't responded to anyone, Id like to give you my thanks

I used to think that 22 years is a long time to be a colorist, I really
haven't see many role models in front of me to judge by, so this is all
new ground for many of us. I guess as long as I still get a tingle
looking inside of other peoples exposures, it must be right.

There are so many people to thank. Directors and editors I've worked
with forever, fellow colorists, and my friends here at the empire,
notably Stefan Sonnenfeld for believing, Marcie Malooly for holding my
hand, and Carla Pagi and Rhubie Jovanov for producing the whole circus.

If you're a fan of train wrecks you can see the work at www.rioting.com

Thanks again to all.


Bob Festa                               bfesta at ascentmedia.com
Director of Commercial Imaging        310 434 6000
R!OT Santa Monica

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