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Robb Cadzow rcadzow
Mon Aug 2 16:00:52 BST 2004

Talk to Sony. Your dead 32 may well be under warranty! if not push hard 
and you may be surprised. We've never seen a 32 tube last more than ~ 
14 months!

On Jul 30, 2004, at 4:52 PM, Alex Pimentel wrote:

thanks to Jim Lindelien for supporting the TIG.

Me too.... anybody out there knows a cheap replacement CRT for my dead 
D32... !?

> Jais wrote: In 2004 I can buy a  brand new CRT monitor for perfect 
> viewing
purity including a colorimeter starting from $1000 and up.

> James wrote:  The "and up" I am used to, but it's the '$1000 CRT 
> monitor
w/colorimeter' w/ the capability you mention that has me interested

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