[tig] 20 years, 10 years

james yazbeck jyaz
Mon Aug 2 16:20:03 BST 2004

Its already a drunk in Canada. The drinking age here is 19.
  Jim Yazbeck
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thanks to Jim Lindelien for supporting the TIG.

Flex is 20 this year?  Great, next year it can drink!  Let's make plans...

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> 20 years:
> I've been hearing recently from Jim Lindelien of TLC fame, and wanted to
congratulate him, Gary Adams, and Joe Wolcott for having developed
> this device as well as the FLEX protocol, which Jim subsequently
> released as open source.  Jim might give us some perspective on this soon
as he is now lurking on the TIG. (find him on the
> TIG-TWiki pages)

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