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Michael Orton mike
Mon Aug 2 18:05:01 BST 2004


Just to add to the runaway production debate and stir the pot.. David 
has an excellent point. For studios to run away to a place like New 
Zealand, Australia or Canada, the quality of work there has to a *at 
least as good* as that available in Hollywood, then the financial 
incentives have to be in place on top of this.

IMHO, the problem is that we may have priced ourselves clear out of 
the market here in California. Look at house prices and salaries here 
compared to many other places in the world, apart from maybe London. 
There is also a certain hubris, I believe, that other people cannot 
possibly do what we do here.

I'm using the world "here" in its loosest sense, since in exactly 2 
weeks' time, I'm moving to Auckland in all honesty to participate in 
exactly that runaway production scene. I have two thoughts for you:

America's prosperity is a result of free unfettered competition, ask 
any econ 101 student. There were a triad of anti-trust laws passed 
here that we never duplicated anywhere else in the world. This is how 
the country became an economic powerhouse. We are now seeing this 
competition happening on  a global scale. Get used to it.

There are places in the world that do not have 4-hour delays on the 
405 freeway, or dont require enormous police presence to allow 
shooting. These are simply competitive advantages for the other 
places I mentioned. Is California's star on the descendant? Hardly! 
But there is significant competition and it can only ultimately 
strengthen the industry, as it did the US economy.

Mike Orton

At 1:02 PM +1200 8/1/04, david gibson wrote:
>I think to suggest that financial gain is the only incentive behind 
>"runaway production" is being
>far to simplistic, it certainly serves to ask yourself, whats so 
>wrong that makes these
>productions "runaway", and what is so special about where they are 
>"running" to.

CTO Oktobor/Silverscreen
Wellington, Auckland, Sydney


"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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