[tig] "The 4400" -- Great-Looking Show

John Quartel john
Mon Aug 2 19:14:03 BST 2004

It would be a very long debate, I think, if we got into who are the 
winners and who are the losers in this new global economy. But if you 
begrudge foreign production of a US product, I'd spare a thought for the 
girls in Haiti who get 14 cents an hour for stitching together American 

Note that my views here are in no way associated with those of my company.

John Quartel

>>Gee, I hope all Canadians aren't as sensitive.  My comment was just a gentle
>>sigh at the ongoing loss of work from which many of my friends and fellow
>>colorists here in LA are suffering.  Not a slam on Canada by any means.
>>I agree that there are some Canadian crews and post technicians who are
>>world-class caliber people.  I just feel bad to see an American show, on
>>"The USA Network," shoot in another country just to save money (whether it
>>was Australia, or New Zealand, or any other country).  If it was a CBC show,
>>I'd have no problem with them shooting in Canada.
>>So my criticism is more with the producers, not at all with the fine people
>>of Canada.  And the show looks terrific and has a very distinctive visual
>>style, which was my only point.
>>--Marc "No class, eh?" Wielage
>>  LA colorist-at-large
>>  [and huge fan of SCTV]

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