[tig] Control of Decks using Sony Protocol with TCP/IP

James Lindner jim
Tue Aug 3 21:19:06 BST 2004

Does anyone know of a vendor that sells a device that will control a Sony
deck (via RS422) but plugs in to a 10/100 Base T so that I can control the
deck over a network? Sort of like a V-LAN but I don't want to use the slot
on a PC for a controller card. I just want to have a network cable plugged
into a box and send commands to it that will control the tape deck. I am not
looking for super frame accurate control - just all the basic front panel
type stuff - play, stop, rewind, etc. Ideas?


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> There are places in the world that do not have 4-hour delays on the 
> 405 freeway, or dont require enormous police presence to allow 
> shooting.

Mike, as I understand it, the above is true, but police presence to allow
shootings, while optional, appears to be REQUIRED for beatings.  I don't
know if there's a written policy in the LAPD for general mayhem and
harassment of the citizenry.

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