[tig] series of questions from Nils Lind Petersen

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Aug 6 06:50:04 BST 2004

> Can I put an optical digital sound pickup on the ursa? -where?

Nils, I would suggest you speak with Dave Schnuelle about this...
dls at dolby.com

> Will wavelets soon become the most used compression technic for moving
> pictures?

i leave this to the more learned on this subject among us

> Is it true that pictures once uploaded to Twigi are inaccesable for
> modification

here is what you can do:  move the unwanted picture to the area called
"TrashedAttachments" (let me know if you need help finding this area;
its full path when you go to the "action" menu of the attachments area
is called Main.TrashedAttachments   .. and then reupload your revised

i love that photo of the Mark IIIB you have on your TWiki-TIG page and
the beer one !!
hope this helps.

Rob Lingelbach   rob at calarts.edu

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