[tig] Help with calibrating a Sony CRT monitor did you get my first E mail??

Robb Cadzow rcadzow
Fri Aug 6 20:34:23 BST 2004

If this is the same Sony Broadcast flat panel we checked out, I think 
you will find the black level "out of box" not quite acceptable. There 
are devices you can put in between and some on this group have 
suggested placing an ND gel over the panel, which actually might be the 
most cost effective way to get your blacks black. Even after hours 
tweaking we were never able to get blacks low enough while maintaining 
decent light output. I use 35fl for 100% white and ~ .79-.8fl for 20% 

On Aug 6, 2004, at 12:01 PM, <bobineinc at yahoo.com> wrote:

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Andrea wrote:
<<Hi all,
I have a Sony PVM 20L4 CRT monitor and I was wondering
if someone could
tell me how to calibrate it for telecine grading work?
(Hopefully without
buying too much expensive equipment.) I'm using it
with my FDL-60.>>

Sony PVM-20L4  "CHEAP and FAST" calibration:
Buy Minolta C-100  calibrated before shipping from Us
instruments service 1 (800 ) 8700787,  the cost $900

Sony PVM-20L4 adjustment/operation:
go to menu/ status of Sony PVM-20L4
select color temp
select users

Minolta adjustment/operation:
darken Minolta probe
press 0-cal
push memory 1
press cal to check xyY values 313/329/100
press cal again

Sony PVM-20L4 adjustment/operation:
send 100% video/white field into Sony PVM 20L4 monitor
component input Y/R-y/B-y (no composite please)
place calibrator probe to tube face(must be clean)
select Sony PVM 20L4 gain ( under users ), adjust
red,green,blue to x313 Y100 y329

Minolta adjustment/operation:
push probe memory 2
press cal to check xyY values 313/329/20
press cal again

Sony PVM-20L4  adjustment/operation:
send 20% video/gray field into Sony PVM 20L4 monitor
component input Y/R-y/B-y (no composite please)
place calibrator probe to tube face(must be clean)
select Sony PVM 20L4 bias( under users) adjust red
green blue to x313 Y20 y 329

go between the gain and bias ( under users ) a few
time to secure the right numbers.
PS: There is a lot more to say about this subject so
jump in if want......

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