[tig] Help with calibrating a Sony CRT monitor did you get my first E mail??

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Aug 6 21:36:45 BST 2004

> I use 35fl for 100% white and ~ .79-.8fl for 20%

In general terms this the sort of range that I think everyone has been using
for years.  However, this specification does not, and should not, exist in
the dark (pun intended).  There's a requirement of an appropriately setup
and calibrated viewing environment to go with the monitor calibration.  You
can spend US$45K on a monitor and US$20K on the best colorimeter and screw
the thing up nicely by not ensuring that the viewing enviroment is proper.

SMPTE RP166 is a starting point.  As I have been doing a lot of work in this
area lately I must say that I am now of the opinion that RP166 is somewhat
outdated.  The replacement must take into account such things as color
appearance models --some of which is not easy to quantify.  Having said
that, RP166 is --by far-- preferable to rooms I've seen, where the work is
done in nearly absolute darkness.

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