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Chip Bartlett chipbartlett
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Feel free to post it on TIG.  Of course, we're willing to pay them and if needed put them up in Ware.  We need someone who knows the Da Vinci, the Cintel Millennium is really a plus.  Thanks for the help.

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  I'm producing a UCLA Master's Thesis project for Ben Brunkhardt for his MFA in Cinematography and we need a Colorist in London.

  We need the Colorist to work August 16,17,18 out at Cintel facility in Ware (Hertfordshire) about an hour outside London. I came across your name and e-mail on TIG and your connections to UCLA and figured you would know many good candidates. We looking for someone with experience on the Cintel Millennium and the Da Vinci controller.

  This is a fairly ground-breaking project, it is a IMAX short film, a recreation of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, shot at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.. We are using a new process for IMAX film (15/70) where all of the shot design, camera moves, composition and coverage for the movie are all being created in telecine by the colorist by zooming into the negative, later the final version will be transferred back to 35mm.  So the telecine is our primary editing process, and a good colorist is key. 

  Cinetel Millennium II with the 70mm gate is the only machine that will do what we need it to do and unfortunately the only ones out there are White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and London. We didn't think we could get the security clearance at the Missile Base so we're going to London.  I really appreciate any contact info or recommendations you can provide. Thanks.

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  Chip Bartlett
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