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Guy F. Boyd tig
Mon Aug 9 16:14:48 BST 2004


Absent any assertion directly from Avid that the Symphony should not operate
as you expect in this manner (similar to the Media Station Telecine),
it should "just work" with the ASTEC Controller, assuming that much of the
basic functionality with respect to machine control does. Avid has been
receptive in the past to working with us at VTA  Technologies to allow us
to include support for the Avid Media Station Telecine's machine control

Specific to the Media Station Telecine is the requirement that the Media
Station Telecine be configured to report back a deck id value of 0xFn25
('n' following the convention of being a '0' for NTSC, '1' for PAL, or
'2' for 23.98 )to the ASTEC. This may or may not be extended to the
I am working on confirming this.

ASTEC tends to be pedantic about deck behavior, with respect to a machine
that identifies itself as a particular model number behaving like that
particular model number historically has or should. ( Or not caring, if the
ID reported does not, for all practical purposes, exist any more, and all
reporting that ID behave reasonably the same. )

I am also currently discussing how to best verify that the channel arming
and edit command timing to this device is actually occurring as would be
and arriving at the controlled device, with your local engineer. Once we
that things appear to be correct in this aspect, The next stage will be for
and your engineer to contact Avid, and ask for suggestions about what either
we or they can realistically change to get the expected edit arming response
from this device.


Guy F. Boyd
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Film Recording Engineer
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> Hello,
> Has anyone used an Astec or Tlc to control an Avid Meridien
> Symphony?  It
> prerolls and cues and all that but both edit controllers seem
> to be unable
> to put the Avid in "record" mode.  We're having a bit of
> grief getting it
> going and I'm wondering if anyone has any hints?
> Regards,
> Manny Espino
> Digital Pictures - Melbourne
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